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Case Study:

North Kern Prison

The Parking Lot at North Kern Prison (before) was grimly under illuminated, making the area unsafe for vehicles and pedestrians.  The staff required better lighting to safely walk and drive in the area.  But the prison was also looking for more efficient lighting which would be much more cost effective.

photo 5.JPG
photo 2.JPG

All Green Lighting knew that their high mast FL-LED-L series was up to the task.  But this project was not without it's unique set of challenges.  Due to the design of the mast arms, it required some adaptation to get the fixtures mounted correctly to them.  All Green Lighting designed and mounted custom made mounting brackets to the fixtures which allowed the necessary mounting and cording to the mast arms.

The FL-LED-L fixtures were exactly what they were looking for - exceptional lighting, with less than half of the power requirements, providing a huge reduction in lighting costs for the prison.  In fact, our FL-LED-L fixtures have been installed at three other prison facilities - California State Prison, Folsom State Prison, and Sierra Conservation Center…. And after 7 years, zero failures.

After :
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