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Case Study:

Arkansas Steel Mill

The existing lighting (before) in the Shipping Area, Steel Room #1, and Dock Area was composed of Linear and UFO type Highbay fixtures .  It produced an uneven distribution of light throughout those areas, and the overall luminance was dull and lacked intensity.  Frequent failures were reported due to the adverse conditions generated from the steel mill.


The management team wanted to upgrade to fixtures that were less expensive to operate, and the milling team wanted to improve lighting so they could read labels and stamping without the aid of flashlights.  All Green Lighting recommended replacing the existing lights with All Green's HB-LED-L series High Bay fixtures to provide a more cost effective and adequate lighting solution, that could withstand the heat and dust generated from a steel mill.

A successful outcome (after) !  The HB-LED-L series is a powerful fixture, built to withstand rugged weather conditions.  The All Green Lighting fixtures installed at Arkansas Steel Mill are very reliable and can easily tolerate continuous temperatures up to 149ºF.  The uniform brilliance provides safe and productive work areas - no more flashlights!

After :
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